How Israel Has Coped and What America Can Learn
By Leonard A. Cole
Published by Indiana University Press
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No country has experienced more acts of terrorism over a prolonged period than Israel. The frequency of attacks has propelled Israel toward innovative methods to address the threat. Indeed, treating so many victims of physical and psychological trauma has given rise to the new field of terror medicine. 

In a gripping narrative, terrorist expert Leonard A. Cole describes how different segments of Israeli society have coped with terrorism―survivors of attacks, families of victims, emergency responders, doctors and nurses, and, in the end, the general population. He also interviews Palestinians, including imprisoned handlers of suicide bombers, who endorse or deplore suicide bombings. He concludes that the Israeli experience with preparedness and coping offers valuable lessons for the United States.

"Mr. Cole's book is essential reading for all those involved in homeland security preparedness."
Washington Times

"Terror will appeal to readers seeking to understand the immediate human cost of terrorism and learn how Israel's medical and psychological professionals cope with lingering effects. By delivering the story through the eyes of terror victims and those who assist them, Cole will move many readers emotionally. . ."
Foreword Magazine

"Leonard Cole wants to wake the world to what Israel has suffered―and learned―from terror attacks."
The Jewish Standard

"If there is any benefit from the sad fact of terrorism that has plagued Israel's life for decades it is the possibility that other nations and other peoples might find something from the Israeli experience that can help them, as terrorism has become a world-wide scourge. Leonard Cole's book gives the fullest description of this process available today."
Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report

"Most experts believe there will be new terrorist attacks in the United States. By looking at the Israeli experience, Dr. Cole makes an important contribution by asking what can be learned and are we prepared?"
Governor Thomas H. Kean

hardcover | 264 pages | 9780253349187 | June 1, 2007