Books by Leonard A. Cole

Chasing the Ghost
SKU: 9789811231056

The principal aim of the book is to present an engaging narrative that appeals both to scientists and non-scientists. A mixture of memoir and biography, it tells a deeply human story. Although informed by the importance of neutrinos, it is primarily about Fred Reines, and not technical details of neutrino physics. The science presented here is intended to appeal to a broad audience. Essential to the story about Reines, the science is described in a manner intended to interest and excite the reader. While coursing through Reines’ life and the varied challenges and encounters he experienced, the book also reveals the constants of his persona. 

"Cole chronicles Reines’ extraordinary accomplishment in all its iterations… [He] deftly produces a 'mixture of memoir and biography’ and, as a result, the entire work is infused with a spirit of loving admiration...A thoughtful and informative account of a scientific giant.”
— Kirkus Reviews

Top 10 science-related biographies of 2021 by Symmetry Magazine 

Finalist 2022 Indie Book Awards in the Autobiography/Biography category

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Local Planning for Terror and Disaster
SKU: 9781118112861

Local Planning for Terror and Disaster gives voice to experts in key fields involved with local preparedness, assessing the quality of preparedness in each field, and offering directions for improvement. Introductory chapters provide overviews of terror medicine, security and communications, which are indispensable to successful preparedness, while subsequent chapters concentrate on a particular field and how responders from that field communicate and interact with others during and after an event. Thus, a chapter by a physician discusses not only the doctor's role but how that role is, or should be, coordinated with emergency medical technicians and police. Similarly, chapters by law enforcement figures also review police responsibilities and interactions with nurses, EMTs, volunteers and other relevant responders. 
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The Anthrax Letters
SKU: 9781602397156

At 2:00am on October 2, 2001, Robert Stevens entered a hospital emergency room. Feverish, nauseated, and barely conscious, no one knew what was making him sick. Three days later he was dead. Stevens was the first fatal victim of bioterrorism in America. Bioterrorism expert Leonard Cole has written the definitive account of the Anthrax attacks. Cole is the only person outside law enforcement to have interviewed every one of the surviving inhalation-anthrax victims, along with the relatives, friends, and associates of those who died, as well as the public health officials, scientists, researchers, hospital workers, and treating physicians.
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Essentials of Terror Medicine
SKU: 9780387094113

A new field of medicine has emerged as a result of the global proliferation of terrorism. Terror medicine is related to emergency and disaster medicine but focuses on the constellation of medical issues uniquely related to terrorist attacks. The field encompasses four broad areas: preparedness, incident management, mechanisms of injuries and responses, and psychological consequences. In Essentials of Terror Medicine, these core concerns are addressed by a distinguished international authorship brought together by the three editors of this volume, who themselves are recognized experts in relevant disciplines: Shmuel Shapira, epidemiology and hospital administration; Jeffrey Hammond, trauma surgery and emergency response; Leonard Cole, bioterrorism and public policy. 
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SKU: 9780253349187

No country has experienced more acts of terrorism over a prolonged period than Israel. The frequency of attacks has propelled Israel toward innovative methods to address the threat. Indeed, treating so many victims of physical and psychological trauma has given rise to the new field of terror medicine.
In a gripping narrative, terrorist expert Leonard A. Cole describes how different segments of Israeli society have coped with terrorism―survivors of attacks, families of victims, emergency responders, doctors and nurses, and, in the end, the general population. He also interviews Palestinians, including imprisoned handlers of suicide bombers, who endorse or deplore suicide bombings. He concludes that the Israeli experience with preparedness and coping offers valuable lessons for the United States.
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The Eleventh Plague
SKU: 9780716729501

A specialist in the subject, Cole (science and public policy, Rutgers U.) offers historical and contemporary examples to explain what biological and chemical weapons are, how they are developed and tested, and what their effects can be. Among them are the German introduction of mustard gas by Germany in 1917, Iraq's use of chemical weapons against Iran, and the chemical nerve gas attack in the Tokyo subway in 1995. 
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Element of Risk
SKU: 9780195093674

Radiation, radioactivity, radon: these are words that, since Hiroshima, the Cold War, and Three Mile Island, have conjured fear and fascination for many Americans. The threat of nuclear war, however, was always abstract at best, and the possibility of a meltdown was seen primarily as a localized catastrophe. Yet the danger of radon--an invisible, odorless gas that could seemingly attack any home and afflict its residents with a deadly cancer--struck home in the 1980s when whole neighborhoods were deemed unsafe and homeowners were forced to relocate, often at great expense. But how much of a threat does radon really pose to Americans? 
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Blacks in Power
SKU: 9780691654720

This book examines the remarkable increase of blacks at all levels of political life and makes the first systematic comparison of black and white elected officials. While observers have disagreed as to whether black politicians act differently from their white counterparts, little empirical work has been done because until recently there were few blacks in office. Leonard A. Cole’s analysis of elected officials in New Jersey has an important bearing on the controversy.
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Clouds of Secrecy
SKU: 9780822630012

In the 1970s Americans learned for the first time that they had been used for decades as unsuspecting guinea pigs in a series of astonishing experiments conducted by the US Army. Military researchers had been secretly spraying clouds of bacteria over populated areas in order to study America's vulnerability to biological weapons. Many civilians have suffered illness, even death, as a consequence.
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Politics and the Restraint of Science
SKU: 9780865981256

Politics and science have a long history of conflict, and today's troubled times find new and urgent problems with the relationship. Who is not greatly concerned with the implications of the government's support of scientific research on unwitting human subjects and the potentially irreversible side effects of nuclear and recombinant DNA research?
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